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What We Do

Conflict Dynamics International works to prevent and resolve violent conflict between and within states, and to alleviate human suffering resulting from conflicts and other crises around the world.


To fulfill its mission, Conflict Dynamics has designed two intersecting program areas to develop and implement innovative strategies for conflict prevention and resolution, and for humanitarian policy relevant to conflicts and other crises. These program areas are: Peacebuilding and New Frontiers of Humanitarian Action.

Through these program areas Conflict Dynamics develops new approaches to humanitarian policy and provides direct, substantive and process-related support to conflict resolution activities in the international arena. Conflict Dynamics takes a proactive, outcome-oriented approach of identifying specific points at which substantive and process-related inputs can have the highest impact. In this way, Conflict Dynamics seeks to efficiently produce results that are high quality, timely and effective.

For more information on Conflict Dynamics’ program areas and initiatives, see Our Work.