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Humanitarian Access Initiative

Supporting humanitarian practitioners and engaging influential actors to improve humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict

The Humanitarian Access Initiative combines expertise in humanitarian negotiations with a comprehensive approach to humanitarian access developed together with the Government of Switzerland, ICRC and UN OCHA between 2009 and 2014. This structured approach to humanitarian access is captured in two resources published in December 2014:

Activity areas: Humanitarian Access Initiative

  • Engaging Access Influencers: Through a series of engagements with government and opposition representatives, Conflict Dynamics works to increase the awareness and positively change the actions of these influential actors toward improved humanitarian access. This project was piloted in South Sudan in 2015 and will be extended to additional contexts.
  • Direct support to humanitarian practitioners: Since 2014, Conflict Dynamics has conducted over 40 advanced workshops and executive seminars for humanitarian practitioners. These trainings aim to increase individual practitioners’ capacity to improve access through the application of a structured approach and to advance their negotiation skills. Additionally, where possible, these engagements aim to support organizations to institutionalize policies and practices that improve access.
  • Research and policy guidance: Conflict Dynamics provides topical policy guidance on themes integral to humanitarian access, such as the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of technology in humanitarian access.
  • Systems-level change: Drawing on the team’s extensive field experience, engagements with practitioners and influential actors, and research, Conflict Dynamics contributes to global systems-level debates on issues that fundamentally impact humanitarian access, such as United Nations structural integration and the practical value of humanitarian principles to access.