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Humanitarian Negotiation Initiative

Advancing the policy and practice of humanitarian negotiations

The Humanitarian Negotiation Initiative is at the forefront of global efforts to bring more effective, innovative, and forward thinking to the policy and practice of humanitarian negotiation. Through this initiative, Conflict Dynamics develops policy guidance and delivers trainings to prepare humanitarians to conduct humanitarian negotiations and to navigate various dilemmas related to this type of engagement. The initiative leverages Conflict Dynamics’ pioneering work in the field of humanitarian negotiation, ongoing since 2004, as well as its direct experience in humanitarian negotiations with a range of actors including State forces, national authorities, and humanitarian organizations.

*New* Negotiating Humanitarian Access: Guidance for Humanitarian Negotiators (2017)  [Also available in French. Arabic coming soon.]

Activity areas

  • Policy development: Building on the guidance contained in the UN manual co-authored by Conflict Dynamics, Humanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups, the initiative develops policy guidance on specific challenges to humanitarian negotiations, such as engaging with proscribed groups.
  • Development and delivery of advanced training: Since 2006, Conflict Dynamics has delivered seminars and advanced training workshops on humanitarian negotiation for partners in locations spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These trainings focus on humanitarian negotiations with a range of actors, including State forces, non-State armed groups, national authorities, and other relevant actors. In addition, as humanitarian negotiations are a critical aspect of the approach to humanitarian access, Conflict Dynamics now integrates humanitarian negotiation modules into all standard trainings on Humanitarian Access in Situations of Armed Conflict.
  • Provision of technical support on specific negotiation challenges: Conflict Dynamics provides UN and humanitarian organizations with targeted support at the headquarters, regional, and field office levels to assist practitioners on specific negotiation challenges or dilemmas.
  • Outreach and dissemination activities: Conflict Dynamics collaborates with UN and other partners to ensure widespread dissemination and uptake of policy guidance on humanitarian negotiations. Conflict Dynamics has developed and maintains the Humanitarian Negotiations Information Portal, a practitioner-driven resource that serves as a global repository of information and resources on humanitarian negotiations. This portal aims to promote knowledge sharing and learning amongst the humanitarian community on this subject.