Our Work


Working to prevent violent conflict and build lasting peace in Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria


Conflict Dynamics’ programs in Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria directly and impartially support local actors to develop their own options for effective political dialogue processes and governance arrangements that accommodate a wide range of diverse interests. The work draws on the Political Accommodation approach (below). In addition to its context foci, the Peacebuilding Team works on thematic issues related to peacemaking and peacebuilding. This includes innovative work on Gender Equity, Political and Economic Cooperation as an avenue to peace, and Islam and Political Accommodation.

Political Accommodation

Political Accommodation is about people with diverse interests taking account of others’ perspectives without compromising their own core interests. This can lead to finding compatible interests, and to reaching agreements on parameters for continued dialogue, or on how people are willing to be governed. In short, Political Accommodation is about everyone having a fair chance at expressing their interests and reaching a fair outcome.

The Political Accommodation Methodology is a set of tools for achieving accommodating outcomes. The tools offer straightforward approaches to building consensus, designing dialogue processes, and generating ideas for specific governance arrangements. Through interactive workshops, seminars, and bilateral meetings, Conflict Dynamics uses these tools to support actors in governments, political parties, armed opposition groups, traditional leadership, women’s groups, and youth groups to develop relevant and practical proposals for dialogue and governance.