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Political and Economic Cooperation between Sudan and South Sudan

Working toward an effective long-term partnership between Sudan and South Sudan by promoting local, bilateral, and regional political and economic cooperation

In July 2011, the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan emerged as two sovereign States in an environment of uncertainty about their future relationship. The two republics agreed on a set of cooperation arrangements covering a range of economic and security issues in September 2012, but they continue to face challenges to their mutual viability and prosperity. The outbreak of conflict in South Sudan in December 2013, as well as ongoing conflict within Sudan, added new dimensions to these challenges.

Activity Areas

To address this need, Conflict Dynamics developed and shared a framework for exploring and generating options for political and economic cooperation between the two States. Conflict Dynamics has directly and impartially supported Sudanese and South Sudanese in using this framework by:

  • Conducting policy-oriented research while soliciting perspectives from a broad range of constituencies on frameworks for political and economic cooperation;
  • Generating and refining options for political and economic cooperation between the two States;
  • Feeding technical options directly into ongoing and evolving political dialogue processes; and
  • Convening policy dialogues between key figures in the two republics on approaches to political and economic partnerships.

In conducting these activities, Conflict Dynamics has engaged with a wide range of actors in Sudan and South Sudan, including representatives of the government, political parties, civil society, academia, media, and business.