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Somali Program

Supporting dialogue among and between Somali leaders and communities to help reconcile different interests and build lasting peace

The Somali program facilitates dialogue and negotiation processes that help groups in conflict build consensus and accommodate each other’s interests. Our research and outreach provides inputs that help Somali leaders and people explore new ideas that can lead to a more stable future. The Somali program’s work is based on strong contextual knowledge and is conducted in collaboration with a wide range of Somali groups and individuals. We work on the ground in Somalia and Somaliland and in a modest manner. By supporting Somali leaders and communities to develop accommodating governance arrangements, and political processes, our work helps resolve existing conflicts and prevent future ones.

Activity Areas: Somali Program

  • Within Somalia at the federal and state levels, and between different levels of government
  • Between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland
  • Locally for reconciliation and peacebuilding among and between communities


Our engagement since 2009 has had a significant impact: the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland utilized Conflict Dynamics’ framework for dialogue processes in the Istanbul II communique, and District Peace Committees, supported by Conflict Dynamics, help communities resolve disputes and avoid violent conflict on a daily basis. Somali government and United Nations officials have also adopted Conflict Dynamics’ concepts and welcomed Conflict Dynamics’ efforts and work.


In the last two years the Somali program has received generous financial support from:

The European UnionGovernment of the Netherlands – Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Government of Norway – Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Government of Switzerland – Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Government of Australia | The World Bank | Government of SwedenDepartment for International Development (DFID) | Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) |

The Somali program has engaged and supported international actors working to resolve conflict in Somalia, including the World Bank, the Turkish government, and other governments and international and local organizations.


The Somali program is proud to work closely with our long-standing Somali partner organizations:

The Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN)
The Academy for Peace and Development (APD)
The Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD)
Rift Valley Institute (RVI)
Forum of Federations (FOF)