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In the Sudan, a country emerging from years of war, Conflict Dynamics is supporting a program called “Reading for Change.” This innovative program engages youth, women and others in group discussions throughout the Sudan on important issues such as peace, the economy and the role of religion. Conflict Dynamics is working with these groups in a divisive and challenging environment, to empower them to develop and implement their own options for dialogue and how their country can be governed.


 Conflict Dynamics is supporting these reading and discussion groups to help vulnerable groups best solve their own problems. This support is fully unique because it helps people have a voice in the future of their own country. In a society where youth and women’s voices are often silenced, Conflict Dynamics works hard to empower them so that their ideas may be heard.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people enduring war; we can help bring divided communities together, help leaders seek agreement through negotiation, and support dedicated people to have a more peaceful future.

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