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Anti-Impunity Tool

Guidance for investigating and prosecuting serious violations against children in armed conflict

The Anti-Impunity Tool: : Guidance for Investigating and Prosecuting Serious Violations Against Children in Armed Conflict is a practical guide to assist national judicial actors to investigate, prosecute, and try serious violations committed against children in armed conflict (CAC). It is also a resource for child protection and child rights actors (CPAs) on how to support efforts to end impunity for these violations. Conflict Dynamics International has designed this Tool to support national efforts to investigate and prosecute CAC violations alongside the 2015 Children in Armed Conflict Accountability Framework (CAC Accountability Framework) that supports prevention and remedy of serious violations of international law committed against children in armed conflict.

Download the Anti-Impunity tool here. Also available in French.

In 2016, in response to cases for child recruitment and use by armed groups and forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Conflict Dynamics developed a checklist for judicial actors to consult when investigating serious violations against children in armed conflict. Available only in French, the checklist can be downloaded here: “Lutter contre l’impunité aux violations graves faites aux enfants liées aux conflits armés.”