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How Governance Functions

Case studies of seven countries through the lens of Political Accommodation

This compilation includes seven case studies that examine countries’ governance arrangements through the lens of Political Accommodation. The Political Accommodation methodology enables people and their representatives to design and discuss options for governance and political dialogue that can reconcile their different political interests. The case studies are an in-depth exploration of how current governance arrangements accommodate—or do not accommodate—different political interests according to the six ‘Strands’ of the Political Accommodation
governance framework. They assess the degree to which individual mechanisms promote inclusivity and representation of diverse interests within a particular context. The overall purpose of the case studies is to show how elements of governance systems interact in the real world and deepen the pool of ideas for how governance structures may best support peace and stability in a specific context.

Conflict Dynamics International, How Governance Functions: Case studies of seven countries through the lens of Political Accommodation, Governance and Peacebuilding Series Case Study Compilation No. 1 (Cambridge, MA: Conflict Dynamics International, June 2018)

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How Governance Functions