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CDI at a glance

Founded in 2004, Conflict Dynamics International (CDI) is built on respect for the innate dignity of all humans. CDI works not just to alleviate the immediate suffering caused by conflicts and other crises, but to address the root causes. Many organizations work in just one of these domains. Our standard approach to peace and humanitarian action is neutral, impartial, and independent—a model that has been replicated by others.


Our Unique Approach

While many organizations work in one domain, Conflict Dynamics’ approach is unique because it works both to alleviate suffering from conflicts and to address the causes of conflict.


CDI works directly with governments, non-state armed groups, civil society groups, people and communities affected by conflict, and humanitarian workers.


We elicit all stakeholders’ perspectives, support consensus building, and facilitate common visions to advance sustainable solutions to conflict and humanitarian issues.


CDI creates space for influential actors to work through opposing views on political and humanitarian issues and adds substance to these conversations.

Our Work

All of our work is undertaken in a fully neutral, impartial, and independent manner. This ‘standard approach’ to peace and humanitarian action is now replicated by others.

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Humanitarian Action

Working to alleviate human suffering resulting from conflicts and other crises around the world

 Our primary objective in this portfolio is to improve the practices and policies of groups involved in directing humanitarian assistance and protection, such as the United Nations, donor organizations, national governments, and nongovernmental organizations. The two main programs within this portfolio are the Children in Armed Conflict Program and the Humanitarian Engagement and Access Program.

Peace Action

Working to prevent violent conflict and build lasting peace

Conflict Dynamics’ Peace Action program aims to prevent and resolve violent conflict and to foster political stability. In working toward this goal, CDI supports people and their representatives to develop, agree upon, and implement practical arrangements for political dialogue process and governance that balances diverse interests. Listening carefully to the different actors, CDI works overtime to create trust, support dialogue, build bridges, resolve differences, and lay the ground for peace.


"CDI takes a rights-based approach in its support of local partners, engaging in solidarity and sharing the belief that local actors should determine the solutions to local challenges."

Arlan Fuller

Chief Operating Officer, Conflict Dynamics International

Our Leadership Team

Gerard Mc Hugh


Mai Tarig Amir

Program Director,

Sudan Program

Roger Middleton

Program Director,

Somali Program

CDI News

Your Conflict Dynamics International Resource Center

Second Quarter Newsletter Released

July 30, 2020

What will you find in our second quarter newsletter? The Sudan Program's Mai Tarig Amir's television interview; How CDI's Somalia Team is responding to COVID19 on the ground; Virtual approaches to peacebuilding; A new grant from the Cummings Foundation for our Handbook on Political Accommodation!

For organizational resilience and impact, focus on business model not overhead

October 21, 2020

Gerard Mc Hugh draws on his and colleagues’ experiences of growing Conflict Dynamics International, a 16-year young not-for-profit working to prevent and resolve violent conflict and to alleviate human suffering arising from conflicts.

July - August

 PeacePulse Released

September 1, 2020

The Peace Pulse is a digest that seeks to inform readers about recent debates and scholarship related to peacebuilding and governance, as well as research on Conflict Dynamics’ peacebuilding contexts: Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria.


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