Children in Armed Conflict Program

Promoting timely and effective accountability for serious violations of international law committed against children in armed conflict

Our Children in Armed Conflict (CAC) Program focuses on strengthening the protection of children affected by war, including both efforts to prevent violations of children’s human rights and protections and to strengthen accountability for those which occur.

Worldwide, nearly 426 million children live in a conflict zone, and many more are affected by war. Our work to protect these children includes working with them, their communities, and national authorities to design and implement mechanisms for greater accountability and using emerging digital technologies to give people tools to identify, report, and promptly respond to violations against children.

Our unique CAC Accountability Framework has been used in several countries and by other organizations around the world to better protect children and strengthen accountability for violations. It has informed the approaches of the International Criminal Court and the United Nations. Our work to support national judicial bodies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has resulted in increased capability to pursue cases involving violations against children.

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