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Humanitarian Action

Working to alleviate human suffering resulting from conflicts and other crises around the world.

Our humanitarian action programs serve to alleviate the human suffering resulting from conflicts and other crises around the world. We do this by working to improve the policy and practice of humanitarian action, by strengthening the protection of children and others affected by wars, and by assisting people to help each other in times of need.

For each program in this portfolio, we are working to innovate and advance the frontiers of knowledge and practice. All streams of work in this program area are grounded in the core humanitarian principles and structured around the relevant international laws and norms.

To bring about change through these programs, we engage with people and communities affected by conflict, humanitarian workers and policymakers, as well as those who can positively influence humanitarian conditions. This includes parties to conflict, governments, and international and multi-national organizations such as the United Nations and others.

Humanitarian Action Programs

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Children in Armed Conflict

Promoting timely and effective accountability for serious violations of international law committed against children in armed conflict

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Engagement & Access

Supporting humanitarian practitioners and engaging influential actors to improve humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict

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