Peace Action

Working to prevent violent conflict and build lasting peace in Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria

Conflict Dynamics’ programs in Somalia and Somaliland, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria directly and impartially support local actors to develop their own options for effective political dialogue processes and governance arrangements that accommodate a wide range of diverse interests.


The work draws on the Political Accommodation approach. In addition to its context foci, the Peacebuilding Team works on thematic issues related to peacemaking and peacebuilding. This includes innovative work on Gender Equity, Political and Economic Cooperation as an avenue to peace, and Islam and Political Accommodation.

Active Programs

Somali Program

Supporting dialogue among and between Somali leaders and communities to help reconcile different interests and build lasting peace

Sudan Program

Supporting inclusive and effective dialogue to build governance arrangements that accommodate the diverse interests within Sudan

Past Projects

South Sudan Program

Supporting South Sudanese to construct a “House of Governance” that equitably serves everyone and provides a framework for sustainable peace

Syria Program

Supporting Syrians and international mediators working to reconcile competing political interests

Featured Publications

How Governance Functions

Case studies of seven countries through the lens of Political Accommodation

Political Accommodation

Theory and practice for peacemaking and peacebuilding


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