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Rukiya Abdulrahman

Senior Program Officer, Somali Program

Rukiya Abdulrahman is the Program Officer for the Somali Program. She holds a bachelors’ degree in Gender and Development Studies (Nairobi University) and a masters’ degree in Peace and Conflict Management (Kenyatta University). She also has a Graduate Certificate in Peacebuilding Leadership (Eastern Mennonite University, USA).


Prior to joining Conflict Dynamics, she worked with the Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN), a collaborative effort of the IGAD Member States, whose main focus was targeted at mitigating and preventing violent conflicts in the sub-region. Her focus has been on conflict analysis on cross-border pastoralist and related conflicts, and has worked closely with several government and non-government stakeholders within Kenya and the IGAD member states in implementation of response initiatives. She also worked as a Gender Research Assistant at International Organisation for Migration (IOM, Nairobi) where her work included developing training manuals, research and reporting on gender relevant issues.

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