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Subeida Mukhtar

Senior Program Consultant, Somali Program

Subeida Mukhtar is a Senior Program Consultant for the Somali Program’s work on Political Accommodation and Federal Issues. She has over seven years of experience in democracy and governance in Somalia and Kenya, working in the areas of management, public policy, planning, resource mobilization, and prioritization of programs.
Prior to joining CDI, she served as the Secretary General of the Benadir Region and Mogadishu municipality and served various roles before that with the USAID Strengthening Somali Governance project, Ministry of Planning, Federal Government of Somalia, and the International Organization for Migration. Ms. Mukhtar holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Howard University, and Bachelor’s degree in I.T. from Georgia Southern University. She currently divides her time between Mogadishu, Somalia and Nairobi, Kenya.

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