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Abdinasir Hussein

Senior Program Officer, Somali Program

Abdinasir Farah Hussein is the Somali Program’s Senior Program Officer for ADMEL (Analysis, Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning). Prior to this role, Abdinasir worked with Oxfam, Save the Children, and government departments in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. He administered a monitoring and evaluation system for a variety of projects while working with Oxfam’s Cat 1 Drought Response in the Somali Region, where he was the MEAL Manager and later a Program Manager for the Kebridehar Office.


Abdinasir holds a BA in Public Administration and Development Management and a BS in Animal Range Science and has hands-on experience in developing logical frameworks and results frameworks, monitoring, evaluations, data management, and report writing through his work on different projects funded by donors such as USAID, GAC, SIDA, GFFO, and others.

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